Unraveling the Debt Crisis:The Rising Economic Threat in Impoverished Countries

FR. CHARLES B. CHILUFYA, S.J. In a startling revelation, an Associated Press (AP) analysis reportsthat a group of impoverished countries, heavily indebted to China,teeter precariously on the edge of economic collapse. Notablenations such as Pakistan, Kenya, Zambia, Laos, and Mongolia findthemselves ensnared in a seemingly inescapable web of foreignloans.In the shadow of China’s economic might,...


Rethinking Africa Development Through a Knowledge Economy

Dear reader, Africa is a continent rich in natural resources, including minerals and raw materials that have been a significant source of revenue for many African countries. However, there is a growing need to shift towards developing a knowledge economy in Africa, one that is built on the foundation of knowledge, innovation, and technology. This...

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