Global Children’s Climate Summit Unveils Key Outcome Statement Ahead of Africa Climate Summit.

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Nairobi, September 2nd, 2023 – In an unprecedented move, children and young advocates from the Global South have come together to vocalize their concerns and aspira@ons regarding climate change and global financial jus@ce. Converging in Nairobi from 31st August to 2nd September 2023 for the 1st Ever Global Child-led Climate Change Summit, these passionate individuals showcased their collective resolve and commitment towards a greener, brighter future.

The summit, organized on the sidelines of the inaugural Africa Climate Summit, presented the New Children’s Global Financial Pact Declaration, initially introduced in Paris earlier this June. The outcome statement, crafted with diligence and hope, aims to influence policymaking and decision-making, ensuring that the voice of children and adolescents isn’t just heard but acted upon.

This impactful declaration addressed global and African leaders alike. It encompassed pressing concerns ranging from empowering the climate voice of the youth, amplifying climate finance, prioritizing children’s health, and education, and ensuring inclusive environmental decision-making in Africa, among other significant points. The children also emphasized the urgent need for robust financial reforms, regenerative futures, and sustainable business models

“We stand at a crossroads of life or death, and the choices we make today will shape the world that the generations after we inherit. Let us choose the path of justice, equality, and sustainability,” the declaration reads, capturing the essence of the summit’s core message. The statement emphasizes that today’s youth aren’t just the future but also the present, highlighting the urgency of their call to action.

For those interested in further details, the complete statement is available for review at this link. Moreover, a visual representation of the summit and the passionate statements made by these young advocates can be accessed here on YouTube.

As the Africa Climate Summit 2023 approaches, there’s hope that the clarion call from these children, representing diverse backgrounds and regions, will be echoed in the corridors of power, paving the way for a sustainable future.

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