United Nations Climate Change Conference 2023

United Nations Climate Change Conference 2023
COP 28/CMP 18/CMA 5
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
30 November – 12 December 2023

First Part of the High-Level Segment
United Nations Climate Change Conference
Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2023

The first part of the high-level segment (HLS) of COP 28/CMP 18/CMA 5 will be held during the World Climate Action Summit (WCAS) from Friday, 1 December to Saturday, 2 December 2023, and will hear national statements from Heads of State and Government (HOS/G) and Vice Presidents who have registered and confirmed their wish to deliver a statement. Parties will have only one opportunity to deliver a national statement during the high-level segment.
Owing to the number of HoS/G registered to deliver national statements, the HLS will take
place in Plenary Al Hairat and Plenary Al Ghafat on 1 December and in Plenary Al Hairat on
2 December.

The list below represents speakers for Parties whose HoS/G, or Vice President will attend World Climate Action Summit on 1 and 2 December and who have been confirmed to deliver a national statement at the high-level segment of the COP 28/CMP 18/CMA 5.
For Party delegations, no tickets will be required to access and attend the opening of the high-level segment. Intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations will need a ticket to access the plenaries on 1and 2 December.

Modalities for delivery of National Statements
All speakers should ensure that they are in the plenary room at least five speakers ahead
of the delivery of their national statement. They will be escorted by an usher during the
presentation of the previous speaker from the seat of their delegation to a reserved chair close to the podium. Speaking slots for those who are not in the plenary at the time for delivery of their statement will be rescheduled to speak at the end of all statements of the same category.

Given the number of Parties and the limited amount of time available for statements, it will be necessary to limit the duration of each statement. Representatives are reminded that statements made during the high-level segment should not exceed the three-minute limit. To be fair to all speakers, time limits will be strictly enforced. An electronic/mechanical device will be used to mark the 3-minute allotted to each speaker. This will allow all speakers to deliver their national statements.
Parties are strongly encouraged to ensure their national statements do not exceed a maximum of three minutes.

Statements will be delivered reflecting protocol order in accordance with the United Nations. The secretariat is not able to accommodate individual requests for changes in a Party’s speaking slot. Parties wishing to make a change should arrange to exchange slots with another Party, and both Parties jointly notify the secretariat of the agreement that has been reached.

Hard copies of statements will not be circulated in the Plenary during the high-level segment. Full texts of official statements will be posted on the UNFCCC website. To have statements posted on the UNFCCC website, Parties speaking at the high-level segment on 1 or 2 December are requested to send an electronic file containing the statement in advance to copprotocol@unfccc.int.

Should Parties not wish to speak but prefer only to have their statements uploaded to the UNFCCC website, the secretariat will arrange to have this done and enter the statement in the records of the Conference. Parties interested in taking up this option should communicate their interest in writing to the External Relations office at copprotocol@unfccc.int or to the External Relations team, who will also be located at the front of the plenary during the high-level segment.

Parties whose HOS/G will not physically be in Dubai but who would still like to convey their national statement during the summit are able to submit a written statement which will be uploaded to the UNFCCC website on 2 December, following the delivery of statements by HOS/G. Parties who would like to avail of this option should send their statements to the External Relations office at copprotocol@unfccc.int no later than Saturday, 2 December 2022. Parties who take up this option will not be able to deliver a national statement in the resumed high-level segment on 9 and 10 December 2023.
Interpretation in the six official languages of the United Nations (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish) will be provided.

To ensure the quality of interpretation of national statements, an electronic copy of the statement should be provided to the Conference Officer at Conference-Officer@unfccc.int and copied to copprotocol@unfccc.int as early as possible but at least 60 minutes prior to delivery of the statement.

Read more: https://pdf.ac/2efQso

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