Ms. Verah Masenge.

I work at St. Joseph Technical Secondary school , as a Swahili teacher and also as a Child and vulnerable adult safe guarding officer , St. Joseph Technical Secondary
school is located in Kangemi Slums , and the school offers a blended curriculum that is 844 system and also the students are able to gain a vocational skill either in fashion and design, electrical and electronic installation, or hair dressing and beauty.
St. Joseph Technical Secondary school enrolls beneficiaries who are coming from very needy backgrounds , very vulnerable children those who have been abused, we have t hos e who are total orphans , we also talk about t hos e who are coming from child headed families and when they are enrolled to the program, we ensure that we journey with t hem and we journey with them holistically, to make them better people in the
Covid – 19 really hit us as a school because we were able to experience some challenges and our major challenge was that was some of our beneficiaries that is to be more precise the girls , four of them got pregnant and all of them were trying to find, look for avenues on how they can feed their families that is how they ended up getting
the pregnancy. And others , we have majority of them, the parents lost their jobs and these parents were depending on casual jobs , so it even made the girls to have that urge to go to the field to look for food for their families so that they cannot sleep hungry.
I am really thankful to the Bakhita Project , because they really came on time, to help us in rescuing our girls, because the majority of them were able to be brought back to school after giving birth and when they were brought back to school , Bakhita Project ensured that it had fully paid their school fees and also provided for them the necessary requirements for them to be able to take good care of the child and also to be able to take good care of themselves as a new parent .
So, thank you very much to the Bakhita project for really coming through for our girls they really appreciate the help that they have gotten so far , in terms of educational
support for some of them and also scholastic materials. During the period when our girls stayed at home in order to get safe delivery, they were able to be brought back to
school and they really did it very well with our counsel or who was able to let them understand that that face should not make them not to continue with their
education, so the majority of them are doing well right now and they are able to tell out their stories to other girls so that they may not omit the same mistake.

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