Mukami Irungu

JENA, advocates sustainable development and inclusive governance. It has highlighted six thematic areas in which attention is required for the continent to achieve sustainable development.

a) Governance and Inclusive Political Involvement
Governance and inclusive political involvement are essential for Africa’s long-term development. It is critical to guarantee that democratic procedures are transparent and accountable and that citizens have access to information, decision-making processes,
and the tools needed to participate meaningfully in governance.
b) Rethinking African Development
This topic area highlights the need to change from an economic growth-focused development paradigm to one that promotes social and environmental sustainability. It entails investment in initiatives for education, health, and social protection that help the most vulnerable communities.
c) Peaceful Societies
For decades, Africa has been plagued by conflict and instability, resulting in a humanitarian crisis affecting millions of people. This thematic area emphasizes the
significance of building inclusive, just, and peaceful society devoid of violence and conflict.
d) Corporate Accountability
The private sector is crucial to Africa’s development, but firms must also be held accountable for their conduct. This theme area focuses on the importance of corporate responsibility and accountability in terms of human rights, environmental impact, and
social responsibility.
e) Domestic Resoucrce Mobilisation
Domestic Resource Mobilization: Africa has vast natural resources that can be used to support sustainable development; however, these resources must be managed in a way that benefits all residents. This topic highlights the necessity for efficient resource mobilization and management for the benefit of all populations.
f) Rethinking African Development
Climate Justice and Sustainable Food: Climate change and unsustainable farming practices endanger Africa’s Development. This subject area emphasizes the necessity
of fostering sustainable food systems and tackling climate change’s impacts on vulnerable groups.
The six thematic areas of JENA are crucial to attaining sustainable development in Africa. To address these concerns, governments, civil society, and the commercial
sector must work together. Africa can attain a just, equitable, and sustainable future for all of its population through partnership and continuous commitment.

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